Music, sound engineering, songwriting, recording and my amazing wife

I'm a director and founder of Story Records Limited, an independent folk record label. I have a t-shirt that says I'm a sound engineer.

I'm married to Ange Hardy who co-runs the label as well as writing and singing some songs.

In many ways Ange's music is as much a part of me as it would be if it were my own. I get to share in a small amount of the heartache, the trauma, the exhaustion, the joy and the beauty of her music.

I run the sound system for her when she's performing live, and I'm sitting behind the workstation when she's recording at home. I've contributed the occasional lyric to her work. I help with the PR, the bookings, and the artwork.

The pleasure I get from hearing the process of a song being written from start to finish is something I wouldn't change for the world.

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